February Webinar

Jan 31, 2022 | Holistic Nursing

Linda Yetman, RN

Danika Koopmans RN MScN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Join us February 24 @ 12:00 PST with Danika Koopmans RN MScN Family Nurse Practitioner

Danika has recently graduated from the Family Nurse Practitioner program at UNBC. She is the founder of ‘Health Intentionally’, an online lifestyle medicine program that provides people with the knowledge and tools to manage chronic diseases.
Danika is a mom, wife, recipe extraordinaire, lazy paddle boarder, and lover of running. Through her own diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, and amidst studying to be a FNP, she has spent countless hours studying the effects of food on the body.
When she learned the mportnace of  nutrition and its role in healing the body, she began learning how to bridge the gap between western medicine and alternative approaches, integrating them for her patients through her company ‘Health Intentionally’.
In this webinar, Danika will discuss her Master’s capstone on non-pharmacological interventions nurse practitioners can implement for the management of metabolic syndrome. She will also share how she incorporates both western medicine and lifestyle interventions into her educational approach to empower clients towards a holistic and healther lifestlye, in less than a 30-minute appointment!
Questions addressed in her presentation include how she manages to give lifestyle education to complex patients in a 30 minute appointment; and what are some easy tools that can be used right away to support patients in feeling inspired, confident, and prepared to implement these recommendations.

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