April 2023 Webinar

Mar 16, 2023 | Holistic Nursing

Nicole is  the recent recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal. The medal honours The Queen and her lifelong service to Canada, as well as those residents of New Brunswick who, like Her Majesty, have been exemplary in their service to others.



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APRIL 12 @ 9am PST

 Nicole Porter is Mikmaq from Fort Folly First Nation, NB, located on the Traditional Unceded lands of her Mikmaq ancestors. She is an LPN and the Mikmaq Cultural Coordinator for Mikmaq Child and Family Services NB and serves as a cultural advisor to Anglophone East School District. She is a single mother of 2 boys as well owner of Mother Muin Artistry a homebased business she uses to sell her Indigenous Beadwork.

As an LPN Nicole is able to work in areas in the community that, as a result of oppressive and colonial practices, continue to be problematic in First Nations communities; including addictions and mental health.  These are two areas that are a result of systemic racism and continued inter-generational trauma and have detrimental effects on individuals and families.

She has taken a Two-Eyed seeing approach to help heal her community by offering Culturally Specific Prevention services grounded in her Cultural teachings passed down to her from various Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Through the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel and 7 Sacred Teachings, she is bringing back her language and culture to her community as a way of healing.  By teaching them to get reconnected to the land and the ways of her people, she uses approaches that ensure Holistic Lifestyles balanced within the four aspects of well-being (physical, spiritual, mental and emotional). She teaches classes on survival skills, hunting, food preparation and the benefits of using the resources and medicines off the land. She holds ceremonies , Sharing Circles, self-care workshops and has been offering to community a yearly Holistic Wellness week.


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