[Audio] Using the Power of Consciousness for Healing

We just finished up a mind-opening hour with Marilyn Schlitz, which featured simple, cutting-edge, scientifically verified practices for using the power of individual and collective consciousness for healing.


Missed this event? You’re in luck — Here’s the full recording, for FREE!


Listen HERE to Using the Power of Consciousness for Healing


As Marilyn shares, it turns out that your expectations plays a role in how you experience pain, and there are practices you can do to help mitigate your anticipatory response, and in turn, greatly reduce your discomfort.


Additionally, new findings are also showing you can consciously influence your genetics, as well as your endocrine and immune systems.


And when you join Marilyn for a 7-week journey into Consciousness & Healing, you’ll find a program which supports your optimal health with holistic tools and insights gleaned from many compelling sources — including ancient shamanism and the latest medical research.
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Consciousness & Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind-Body Medicine 

Video from Marilyn Schlitz, Tina Amorok & Marc Micozzi


This breakthrough video contains 50 minutes of interviews with many of the high-profile leaders and practitioners who are pioneers in integral health care. The interviews explore a model of healing in which personal relationships, emotions, meaning and belief systems are viewed as fundamental points of connection between body, mind, spirit, society and nature.


Integral medicine embraces the recognition that human beings possess emotional, spiritual and relational dimensions that are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and the cultivation of wellness. Find out why more clients and healthcare professionals are embracing an integral approach to healing and consciousness.


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And be sure you listen to the recording if you missed the live or encore event with Marilyn.


She reveals what’s at the forefront of integrative medicine and consciousness research — as well as details about her upcoming 7-week program, where you’ll utilize transformative tools drawn from the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to become an empowered participant the healing process (yours or others’!).


The Shift Team

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