Awakening the Fearless Heart –

Mar 18, 2016 | Holistic Nursing

Fearless Heart

Have you ever thought about how fear affects your life?

It can block us from connecting with the people we love, stifle our creativity, and cloud our judgment when we need it most.

So how can we get beyond our fears to live more connected, happy, and vibrant lives?

Tara Brach, PhD has a strategy for helping people escape fear’s paralyzing hold, and you can get in on it here. It’s completely free, thanks to our friends at NICABM.

She’ll share how you can live without fear ruling your thoughts and decisions.

This won’t be available for long, so please go ahead and check it out now.


PS Tara is one of the world’s most beloved meditation teachers, and we think you’ll find her insights into fear incredibly useful.

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