Energy Psychology Conference – CHNA members get 15 percent discount

Mar 30, 2016 | Holistic Nursing

CHNA members get 15 percent discount

THE CONFERENCE: The 18th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference, “The Body’s Energy Systems: Doorways for Psychological Change”, is taking place September 15 – 19, 2016, at the Delta Halifax, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is our first time on the East coast. The Delta is a family-friendly hotel within close proximity to Historic Properties such as the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

Come for the conference, plan to stay and take in the sights. Halifax is an urban centre wrapped in seacoast and history – you’ll want to see for yourself.

Watch for our “Registration is Open” announcement, coming soon.

The Conference theme is: “The Body’s Energy Systems: Doorways for Psychological Change”.

Canadian Energy Psychology Conference website

THE CLINICAL FAST TRACK. We are also reaching out more actively than ever before to psychotherapists who are not particularly familiar with EP. One of the enticements we are offering is a 15-hour “Clinical Fast Track” for mental health professionals who are new to the approach, introducing them to the skills and concepts required for using a basic protocol. Initiated last year in Victoria, the program was immensely successful. The Clinical Fast Track sessions are held at the same time as the break-out sessions. Conference participants who are also mental health professionals and new to EP can elect to attend the Clinical Fast Track instead of attending the break-out sessions.
We are delighted that David Feinstein, Ph.D., has agreed to once again teach this special program. Beyond having written some of the most prominent journal articles establishing the efficacy of energy psychology for the professional community, David is a superb teacher.

CALL FOR TEACHING ASSISTANTS IN THE CLINICAL FAST TRACK. The reason for this announcement is that David has requested a ratio of one Teaching Assistant for every nine participants in the Clinical Fast Track. Participants will be doing practice sessions in groups of three, so each Teaching Assistant will be watching over 3 groups of three. David has used this design and ratio before and has found it to be extremely effective. A significant side benefit is how much the Teaching Assistants, even ones who have been in practice for years, report that they learn. An unsolicited description about the experience of one of David’s previous Teaching Assistants is copied below.

If you would like to attend the Conference as a Teaching Assistant for the “Clinical Fast Track,” the application process is simple. Please send to a brief e-mail describing:
• How you are currently using energy psychology
• About how many clients you have treated where EP was a major modality
• The form(s) of EP you use
• Any other information you consider relevant, and
• A resume or other overview of your professional background and a photo (or a web address that includes these).
The “Clinical Fast Track” is scheduled so that you would still be able to attend the Keynote presentations. Your fee for the general Conference would be waived. Another potential financial and professional benefit is that some of the participants will want to deepen their training with Skype supervision or personal work, and the Teaching Assistants will be one the first places they look. Here is what participants will see when considering whether the Clinical Fast Track is right for them:

THE CLINICAL FAST TRACK allows mental health professionals new to energy psychology (or those wishing a refresher) to learn enough techniques and concepts as to be able to experiment with a basic protocol in their own lives and eventually with their clients. It will involve 15 hours of intensive, hands-on training. The program will include small group practice where participants will alternate between the roles of practitioner and client. While not psychotherapy, these practice sessions could become emotionally intensive, so please assess your own readiness/willingness for such a possibility before deciding to participate.

The training will be held at the same time as the regular Conference breakout sessions (plus 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). You will still be able to attend the keynotes and all other Conference activities. Because each session builds on the previous sessions, if you miss a session, you cannot rejoin the group or receive the Certificate of Completion being offered. You can, however, instead begin attending the other Conference breakout sessions (space permitting). The Conference fee covers the cost of taking this special track.

COMMENTS FROM ONE OF DAVID’S PREVIOUS TEACHING ASSISTANTS (this appeared as an article in Donna Eden’s Student-Alumni Newsletter, written by Lynne Rothstein, a licensed psychotherapist, who TA’d at one of David’s 5-day Omega Institute trainings):

David Feinstein’s introductory Energy Psychology workshop at Omega last month, “Tapping into Your Potential,” was no less than a week of transformation and healing for its attendees. David jokes about how his role in teaching with Donna is to “carry the bags and crack the jokes.” Having the honor of being a TA in his class, along with Carrie Cummings, we watched David’s brilliance in teaching this powerful modality. His decades of experience as a psychologist were beautifully evident, and his ability to powerfully connect with each and every workshop member was poignant.

As the week unfolded, we watched the group master Energy Psychology techniques. Participants worked in small groups, using Energy Psychology to help and support one another with personal issues that needed healing or transformation. Whether the workshop members were there for personal or professional reasons, there were remarkable changes: from release of lifelong phobias to deep shifts in embedded, self-defeating patterns where other modalities had not been effective. David’s clinical experience, research background, meticulous writing, leadership in the field, and great sense of humor all combined to make him a teacher who was remarkable to witness.


Warm regards,

Sharon Cass Toole, Ph.D, DCEP, RP
Conference Director

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