Executive Board Members

Current Board Members

Connie McDonald, RN CDE

Kate Shelest RN BSN MAIH


A practicing RN for over 30 years, Kate is also certified in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™, and taught Biofield Science at Langara College in Vancouver.

Establishing Synapse Integral Health Inc. in 2015, Kate helps her clients tune into their energy, strengthen boundaries, and develop ways to ground, center, and align with their true Self. Her MA in Integral Health focused on integrating science and consciousness theory in context to self-care. This resulted in the creation of The Conscious Nurse Project, a mentored on-line workshop for nurses to learn to develop individualized holistic self-care plans for themselves.

Kate believes strongly in the role the CHNA plays in supporting holistic nursing practice in Canada.

Susan Hagar

Susan Hagar RN BCPA

Vice President

Susan Hagar is a Registered Nurse, Founder and CEO of Nurse On Board. In 2015, Susan established a unique service where individuals and families can retain a highly experienced RN to serve as a personal guide through the complexities of health care. As the largest body of regulated health professionals, Susan sees veteran nurses as the solution to the gaps in care that Canadians face. Her knowledge base is the result of 36 years of nursing in the areas of general surgery, urology, nephrology, cardiology, critical care, clinical research, and integrative medicine.

Susan established Independent Practice Nurses Ottawa in 2015, and her business success continues. She is also the past Board President of the Canadian Association of Self-Employed RNs. Her spiritual journey provides the foundation of her success, enhancing the most important relationship of all, the one with herself. This has led her to be a leader in business and to be the Board President of Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa. Through meaningful relationships with self-employed Registered Nurses, Susan supports her colleagues across the country to become entrepreneurs, as a practical step toward changing the face of healthcare in Canada, and greater recognition of the extensive scope of practice of Registered Nurses.

Megan Knapp, BHK, BSN, RN

Megan Knapp RN BHK BSN


Meg is a Registered Nurse in Saskatchewan. She first learned about holistic approaches to lifestyle and health care while acquiring her Bachelor’s of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia in 2006. After pursuing massage and gerontology studies, she completed her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan in 2015.

She worked as a Community Health Nurse with Health Canada before taking an extended maternity leave, in which she had 3 babies. Meg recently completed the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Nurse Coaching program from the CIINDE. She works with new moms, and also mentors nurses in the process of navigating recognition of practice applications with their jurisdictional bodies for their holistic nurse practices. She lives and homesteads in rural Saskatchewan with her husband and their 4 kids.

Danielle Dawe, BA, RN, BN

Danielle Dawe BA RN BN


A life-long learner of knowledge from the mystical to the practical and everything else in between. A true lover of philosophy for as the saying goes “an unexamined life is not worth living.” Understanding the Herstory of our world is as fundamentally important as understanding our history, but a true understanding comes from learning Our story. True patient-centered care begins with asking, “What is your story?”

Hello, my name is Danielle, and I am a Registered Nurse in Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2004, I graduated from Dalhousie University with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. With an interest in Psychology, a person’s overall well-being and mental health, I continued studies in Psychology and completed an honours degree in Psychology at Memorial University. This path led to working on a master’s degree in Humanities; however, illness and a lack of well-being led me to quitting my master’s program and traveling to South Korea to teach English. While in Asia, I developed interest in Ayurveda healing, energy healing, crystal therapy and chakra therapy. Since returning to Canada in 2010, I have completed the Bachelor of Nursing program from Memorial University and obtained the certificate for Basic and Advanced Foot Care Management. In 2019, I opened my independent practice in foot care as a mobile foot care nurse. Since the pandemic struck and changed our lives as we know it, I have been working as a Psychiatric Nurse in the Mental Health and Addictions Program. I hope to continue private practice soon and am very excited to be taking the Comprehensive Holistic Nurse & Coaching Certificate Program as offered by the CIINDE. Namasté.

Danielle Dawe, Registered Nurse

Kim Derkach RN BScN


Kimberly Derkach, RN, BScN, earned her degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, where she is now a Nursing faculty member and Instructor. Kim’s nursing experience has been specialized in the areas of neuroscience, neurosurgery, education, special needs, pediatrics, caregiving, geriatrics, chronic care, and mental health and wellness. Through both personal health challenges and her nursing experience, Kim has developed a passion for holistic therapies as they have completely enhanced her life. She learned to heal her physical and mental health by balancing her work life, spending time in nature, nourishing her body and implementing daily breath, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and faith based practices. Kim is also a mental health advocate with a focus on grief, loss, and chronic disease. She believes that in order for true healing to occur one must consider all levels of healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At times when one aspect is out of balance all areas suffer. From this integrated approach, she assists those who are suffering develop compassion, build resiliency and embrace their story. As a Nurse Kim recognizes that every illness has a story, but that we also always have the opportunity to rewrite our story. Together we can support each other as we grow and heal. Community is powerful medicine. Kim is currently the CHNA Education Lead.

CHNA - Sherry Hole RN, BN,

Sherry Hole RN BN MN


Sherry Hole RN, BN, MN graduated in 1991 with a Diploma in Nursing. She later returned to UNB graduating with a Bachelor Degree and a Master of Nursing, specializing in nursing education and adult learning. Sherry also has a Certificate in Mental Health Nursing and a Diploma in University Teaching. She has over 30 years of nursing, teaching, and administrative experience with a keen interest in teaching and learning, mental health and wellness, and the nursing profession as a whole. To support her passion for health and wellness and the art of nurse coaching, Sherry studied holistic nursing and nurse coaching for several years before becoming a board-certified Holistic Nurse (HN-BC) and a Board-Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach (HWNC-BC) through the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. Her areas of expertise include administration, education, geriatrics, chronic care, psychiatry, and mental health and wellness.

Sherry gained an appreciation for the power of self-care when she was introduced to complementary and holistic approaches such as mindfulness, breathwork, yoga, and meditation to assist her in managing her own personal health challenges. Sherry believes in honoring each individual’s unique experience with illness and health and believes that everyone has the innate ability and inner wisdom to be ambassadors of their own health and healing. She is grateful for the opportunity to continue serving on the Executive Board of CHNA, which she has done in varying capacities since 2014. She is currently the CHNA Standards lead, investing many hours developing our Holistic Nursing Standards of Practice. 

Sherry is also the founder and president of The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education Ltd. (TheCIINDE-pronounced The Kind). TheCIINDE offers continuing education and a supportive community for nurses (and, other healthcare professionals) interested in learning how they can incorporate a holistic mindset and approach into both their personal and professional lives.

In her spare time, Sherry enjoys being with family and friends, spending time in nature, and reading.

Lauren Kellar RN BSN


 Lauren has been cardiac RN for 15 years in Ontario as well as clinical research nurse , clinical nursing student professor, a self employed  RN with nurse on board and the founder of the HUB; a movement and mindset women’s community. Lauren helps her clients not only have physical health transformation but shift their mindsets, and holistically live healthier lives. 

Lauren learned the power of hollistic care and self care when she started on her own health journey after having her first two children and feeling stuck in postpartum depression and anxiety. Through the process she has become a constant learner in self care practices and how to not only serve herself but her clients and coaching team. 

Through breath work, meditation, daily intentional movement, nature, community and nutrition, healing the human soul inside and out. 

She believes strongly in the healing powers of nature not only as adults but for children and using it as a tool to reground, decrease vibrations and recenter. She created a woman’s hiking community; the Ottawa hiking HUB, allowing women to find a safe place to connect and also learn about new trail, group hikes and all things nature. 

Lauren also believes strongly in the role of CHNA in supporting and guiding the path for other nurses to truly make the patient the Center of care and advocate for their holistic wellbeing. 

Julie Sabourin RN


Hello, my name is Julie and I am a Registered Nurse graduated in 1985 in Ottawa, ON. I have 37 years of experience at the Ottawa Hospital in cardiology, critical care, oncology, clinical research, perioperative nursing and integrative medicine. I have always had a passion for helping others, sharing valuable information with seeking solutions and helping to minimize the gaps with the strain of the health care industry.

My pursuit for master level in both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy was driven by my son’s illness at a young age to provide complimentary healing. My son is thriving in all ways and my father during his chemo treatments, although skeptical but curious found it peaceful and looked forward to this unique sharing. During these last two years in pandemic mode, it was a natural transition to recently pursue my Health & Wellness Coach Certificate. Combined with my nursing skills to empower others to make positive and lasting changes in their wellness journey as I have done to enhance the most important relationship of all, the one with self.

My own personal challenges have provided opportunities for me to seek ways to decrease stress with mindfulness, meditation, my spiritual foundation and ways to expand joy. For myself, the spirit of sustainability is a journey which I love sharing with other seekers to live your best life. Encouraging others to take steps while feeling supported and not alone. The empowered difference between knowing something and doing it with the value of a plan. Discover a feeling of well-being putting the pieces together for solutions that are unique to oneself.

Jocelyn Uygen Ocsena RN BN OHNC


Jocelyn Uygen Ocsena RNBN OHNC is currently working as a hospital-based case coordinator, previously working as an occupational health nurse in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority with 25 years experience in the field of clinical and administration. Jocelyn had been a key player in relevant committees and working groups as the occupational health representative for the tertiary hospital and Region.

Her current passion is holistic, complementary and alternative healthcare that lead to her newly found Constructive Collaborative Holistic Health and Wellness private practice. Her approach to holistic healing integrates the philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy medicine and the power of light therapy. As a holistic nurse advocate and practitioner, she has special interests in pain management, detoxification and preventative care.

She is a member of American/Canadian Holistic Nurse Associations, Canadian Association of Self Employed RNs, and a Canadian Nurses Association Specialty Nursing Program Advisory Council. She also volunteered as the Vice President of Manitoba Nurses Association Worksite 153 in 2018-2019.  Her pledge is commitment and dedication to her values in promoting the highest standards of healthcare practice.

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