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Connie McDonald, RN CDE

Connie McDonald, RN


Registered Nurse since 1985 in Rural Hospitals. Presently working as Certified Diabetes Educator in Strathmore Alberta. I provide Integrative Chakra Therapy, Flower Readings and Mediumship as a private practice. I use Holistic Nursing Principles every day in my work. I advocate for nurses and clients as President of my Local Chapter of United Nurses of Alberta, and as a member of Occupational Health and Safety and Professional Responsibility Committees. I very recently accepted the role of Vice President of Canadian Holistic Nurses Association and look greatly forward to providing advocacy for Nurses providing Holistic Care and educating professionals and general public about the benefits of Healing Modalities available now and in Canada’s future.

Linda Muzio

Kate Shelest, RN BSN

Vice President

Kate Shelest RN BSN MA Integral Health (c 2020) CAIEHP™. She has recently obtained her certification as an Integral Associate Coach™. A practicing RN for over 30 years, Kate is also certified in Advanced Integrative Energy Healing™ and teaches Biofield Science at Langara College. Her MA in Integral Health studies focuses on integrating science and consciousness in context to self-care. Her website is www.synapseintegralhealth.com

Danielle Dawe, Registered Nurse

Danielle Dawe, BA, RN, BN


Danielle is a Registered Nurse in Newfoundland. In 2004, Danielle graduated from Dalhousie University with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. With a keen interest in Psychology, well-being and mental health, Danielle continued her studies and completed her honours in Psychology at Memorial University. While working on her Masters in Humanities, Danielle began to feel the need to travel and to broaden her horizons. She left her studies behind and spent a year teaching English in South Korea where she developed an interest in meditation, energy healing and chakras. Since returning to Canada, Danielle has completed the Bachelor of Nursing program from Memorial University and has obtained her certificate in Basic and Advanced Foot Care Management. Currently, Danielle works as an acute care nurse on a medicine and palliative ward. She has also opened her own independent practice in foot care as a mobile foot care nurse. As the owner of Dawe Holistic Foot Care, Danielle is specifically interested in providing an overall sense of wellness to her clients through such interventions as routine and advanced foot care, reflexology, chakra balancing, and tarot.

Danielle Dawe, Registered Nurse

Kim Derkach, RN, BScN

Education Officer

Kimberly Derkach, RN, BScN, earned her degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, where she is now a Nursing faculty member and Instructor. Kim’s nursing experience has been specialized in the areas of neuroscience, neurosurgery, education, special needs, pediatrics, caregiving, geriatrics, chronic care, and mental health and wellness. Through both personal health challenges and her nursing experience, Kim has developed a passion for holistic therapies as they have completely enhanced her life. She learned to heal her physical and mental health by balancing her work life, spending time in nature, nourishing her body and implementing daily breath, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and faith based practices. Kim is also a mental health advocate with a focus on grief, loss, and chronic disease. She believes that in order for true healing to occur one must consider all levels of healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At times when one aspect is out of balance all areas suffer. From this integrated approach, she assists those who are suffering develop compassion, build resiliency and embrace their story. As a Nurse Kim recognizes that every illness has a story, but that we also always have the opportunity to rewrite our story. Together we can support each other as we grow and heal. Community is powerful medicine.

Meg Knapp


Linda Yetman

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Susan Hagar

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Kimberley LaForest

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Vivien McTavish

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