FREE MINI-SERIES – Learn the Science of Energy Psychology, Medicine & Healing

It’s almost been one year since the launch of the first edition of the FREE Science of Energy Healing Mini-series!


And here’s some great news! Robert Schwarz and Fred Gallo have been working with an Emmy award winning filmmaker to create an updated, even more compelling series for you. You can sign up here to watch the first video now.


Last year, more than 10,000 people from over 120 countries watched this mini-series, and they heard countless stories of how it changed the lives of professionals like you.
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for this mini series.You have put the wind back in my sail.
 I now feel inspired and more confident to have this conversation (that I used to dread) with the medical community and skeptical people.” – JoAnne Bartz, RN


“Your topics are very well chosen. They are key issues that a practitioner of EP might be asked about – and so now we all have the answers when asked to justify our methods.” – Phil Mollon, PhD


“Thanks Bob! I loved your presentation. Once I get someone on the table, the proof that it works is shown. But you can’t always get people to try it. This video series will certainly help me to explain energy medicine in a more scientific way that will enlighten them.” – Maryanne Mitchell, Healing Touch Practitioner


We know that energy healing methods work. We’ve seen the dramatic results and improvements in our own lives and in the lives of our clients. But others may be skeptical. Referral sources like to hear your
success stories and then they often ask the question: “What is the scientific evidence?”


Do you have a great answer in your back pocket?


This FREE mini-series will help you feel more confident and self assured in your ability to answer the “what is the scientific evidence?” question.


Each video is brief, value-packed and can easily make a difference in your life and your practice. You’ll learn some of the key scientific evidence supporting our work. More important, you’ll get an upgrade to your “how to tell the science story” skill set.


Join the updated series now

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