Healing and thought energy

Oct 26, 2009 | Holistic Nursing


I was sitting down in my living room this morning having decided to spend just a few minutes skimming through Bruce Lipton’sBiology of Belief again. The reading only lasted a couple of minutes because something in there triggered a thought.  It took me back to a conversation I had recently had with someone who was reading about the supplements prescribed by her naturopath.  The book described how the body works and what it is “supposed to do”.  She was amazed and commented “how does the body know to do these things and how to do it”?  Perfect question.  How does the body know?  Well, the body is brilliant. It just knows.

Science and the mind have been life savers and have helped many people live a close to normal life that could not have otherwise done so.    When the body is in crisis, the work the mind has done to try and unravel the mysteries of the body is helpful in trying to get it back on track.  Using research to uncover what the well body does,  can lead to ways to interfere with the disease or trauma to get the body working again.

Healing is different.  Healing is about allowing the body, in fact the whole self,  to do the work it does know how to do well.   Healing is about allowing our body, mind, emotions and spirit to be its best in the circumstances in which we find ourselves even when in crisis.

Healing through a grieving process, for example, allows us to grieve well.  Healing through a tough diagnosis allows us to be fully human with love for ourselves and others.

Healing with energy is a way to help create the right energetic environment in which healing can best take place.  Our thoughts are energy too.  Through our thoughts, we can allow ourselves  to submit to the wisdom of the body rather than fight it.   Healing is about being with the flow and being good to ourselves in the process, acknowledging the difficulties, feeling the emotional pains in our body and asking for guidance from that source greater than ourselves.

Thanks for listening.  Now I will get back to Bruce lipton’s book and see what other things are triggered.

Wishing you health, joy, healing and love

Marie Knapp

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