Keep Focused on Where You Want To Go

Nov 26, 2009 | Holistic Nursing


Being February, cross country skiing is a favourite activity.  When I help people find their intuitive knowing through workshops, I often have asked people to go for a walk to find answers in nature.  It comes in various ways to people.

Personally I find that often nature and the outdoors speak to me through metaphors.   Recently when skiing, I was finding myself on some trails that posed a bit of a challenge to me.  If I worried about landing off the trail and into a creek or trees, my body took me there and I would fall in advance to protect myself .  I watched myself and noticed how what I was doing resembled our travels on life’s path.

Before long I realized that as long as I could be disciplined enough to keep my eyes focused on the trail ahead where I wanted to be, my body could brilliantly take me there.

Next time I faced a challenging hill, I made a point of looking at the trail where I wanted to go.  Oh I was so strongly tempted to let my eyes go to the object I feared and whenever I succumbed, my body took me to the very thing I feared.

As long as I kept focused on the path I wanted to choose, I was able to competently follow my eyes.  I now use this metaphor when facing some challenges in life.  I acknowledge the things I fear but find that by focusing my attention on where I want to go, I get there.

If you have some examples of metaphors from nature and the outdoors, perhaps you will share them with me and I will post them on this site for others to read.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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