March 2023 Webinar

Feb 18, 2023 | Holistic Nursing

Join us March 15/23 @ 9am PST

Kala Sanmartin BScN RN CCHNC discusses her holistic independent practice The Cannabis Nurses


Kala is a RN with 11 years practice experience, majority of it being in the emergency room with some time spent clinical instructing and in community care. 8 years ago, cannabis entered her life bringing her freedom from her debilitating insomnia. Prior to using cannabis medicinally, she believed every stigma that existed about it.

To give herself permission to use cannabis she dove into the research and was hooked. Her passion to learn about cannabis and teaching others about the potential healing power of this plant has led to creating her independent practice, The Cannabis Nurses. In her practice she does public speaking, group education and one on one holistic cannabis consulting.

She is also passionate about educating other nurses and with the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development and Education (The CIINDE) is creating an accredited Holistic Cannabis Nurse Program which will be released in April 2023. This program will dive deep into empowering the nurse to hold space, to care for and advocate for individuals that want to include cannabis in their lifelong healing journeys.

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