May Webinar

Apr 28, 2022 | Events, Holistic Nursing

Join us May 26 @ 10:00 PST with Angie Bailey

RN Professional Caligrapher Certified Wellness Coach


As a 33-year veteran RN, Angie understands the demands that come with a stressful job. After struggling to practice meditation as a form of stress reduction, Angie remembered the calming effects calligraphy brought to her life when she was an overactive kid, so she began to practice once again. She soon rediscovered that Calligraphy was indeed a restorative mindfulness practice. As the founder of ‘Angie Bailie Art & Soul’, it’s now her mission to teach other stressed-out nurses & healthcare workers to experience calm and focus through the art of calligraphy.


Did you know that Calligraphy is a great way to practice mindfulness? This holistic practice incorporates the physical formation of the art and at the same time, engages the senses and provides a calming practice for the mind.

In this Intro to Mindful Calligraphy, you’ll learn how to Find your Zen using a Pen! You’ll get the benefit of learning a new skill while practicing a little creative self-care.

You’ll learn an easy, relaxing, and fun way to create calligraphy.


Experience the power of Calligraphy! You only need a rigid-tip writing utensil (pen, pencil, or marker), a printed copy of the provided workbook would be helpful but not necessary. (Plain paper will work too).

No experience is required!


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