October 25th Webinar

Sep 28, 2023 | Holistic Nursing

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Navigating Regulatory Requirements as an Independently Practicing RN with Natalie J Thiessen, MN RN

Natalie J Thiessen, MN, RN completed her graduate degree at Athabasca University in 2021 and has continued association with the university as a research assistant. Her research focuses on healthcare regulation and nursing roles. She has over a decade of experience working in a variety of acute care centres as a critical care nurse and is currently a faculty member at Saskatchewan Polytechnic facilitating the Critical Care Nursing program. Natalie is passionate about nursing in its many forms and takes every opportunity to explore different roles including serving as a council member on the College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan (CRNS) and is currently pursuing an opportunity for entrepreneurship.

Research shows that nurses perceive regulatory requirements to be frustrating, complex, and time consuming. The regulation of health care professionals is necessary and important for the protection of the public, however, it can feel like a barrier to innovative independent nursing practice. This presentation will provide an overview of regulation as it applies to independent nursing practice and strategies for effective communication with the regulator as individuals and a collective.

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