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Auras – The Lens Through Which We See The World

by Michele Bourgeois

Have you ever stood near someone, a stranger lets say, and found yourself wanting to stand much closer to her or him? Or without any known reason, you have a strong urge to exit, avoiding having contact with this person? If this has happened to you, you were reading or sensing that stranger’s aura!

Intentions Make a Difference

by Marie Knapp

The power of the mind and thought is undoubtedly strong when we know there are areas of study that refer to it often such as sports psychology, marketing, group think, and psychology of culture. Recently there have been several self-help books that use this concept to help people seemingly get what they are looking for. Authors such as Wayne Dyer, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Esther and Jerry Hicks and others have made a particularly strong impact on that market. These authors have brought what has been used in a variety of disciplines in the past to public awareness and daily use. It is up to the reader to sort through the material and filter out the most useful without getting mired in ego determined wishes.

The Human Energy Field

The TED Video below, The Human Energy Field, is by Linda Turner RN PhD, from Langara College. It has been posted to the CHNA site with Linda’s permission.

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