Tap into your inner wisdom

Apr 21, 2010 | Holistic Nursing


Some people find this scary to think about.  Just take it slowly.  We all do have wisdom.  No real need to call it inner wisdom.    Wisdom is always inner.  How do you find it?

Wisdom is hard to find when the mind is chatting away and we seem to be on a problem solving trip.  When we get caught up in our emotions, when we feel the turmoil of any situation, it is difficulty to find wisdom.

Here are 3 things that may help you find your wisdom in confusing moments:

  1. Don’t feel you have to say or do anything right away.  Assuming you are not in an emergency situation, it is important to let the situation sit with you for a bit.  It may be as simple as not agreeing to sit on another committee until “sleeping on it”.  Usually the next day provides you with the wise answer you want to give.
  2. Learn to recognize your wisdom.  It is more intuitive than logical.  It comes quickly in short blurts of insights as opposed to lengthy dialogues in your head.
  3. In fact don’t look for wisdom in your head.  It isn’t there.  Just be with a dilemma. Consciously open yourself to a solution rather than trying to find one.  It will come to you.

Take it slowly.  Allow it to happen.  Recognize and acknowledge it.  Your wisdom is there for you.

Enjoy your wisdom and learn to trust it.  I have found that helping clients understand this concept leads them to a new awareness of how to solve problems.  And it always serves me well to remember it myself.  In the midst of a dilemma, it is easy to forget.


Marie Knapp

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