Webinar Schedule & ZOOM Login 2022

Apr 2, 2022 | Holistic Nursing

Updated on April 2/22

We are very pleased to announce our upcoming schedule of Webinars for 2022! This list is growing all the time and members can access the detailed list on our Webinars Schedule & ZOOM LOGIN page, along with presenter bios as they are available. Announcements for June – December 2022 tba.

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2022 Webinar Schedule

January 27 @ 10am PST

Cordelia McFadyen
Holistic Nutritionist

February 24 @ 12pm PST

Danika Koopmans
MS Family Nurse Practitioner – ‘Intention vs Rx’

March 24 @ 12pm PST

Gail Lafortune 
RPN & Therapeutic Touch Practitioner – ‘Heal to be Free’


April 28 @ 12pm PST

Meg Salter 
Master Integral Coach™ – ‘Unified Mindfulness’

May 26 @ 10am PST

Angie Bailey
Mindfulness thru Calligraphy

June – Blast from the Past (archive posted)

Courtney Allen Gentry 
Integrating Cannabis Science into Holistic Nursing Practice

July – December Webinars TBA

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